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James Gordon quotBoquot Gritz / r a t s / born January 18 1939 is an American former United States Army Special Forces officer and perennial candidate.After serving in the Vietnam War and retiring from the military Gritz has worked on attempted POW rescues in conjunction with the Vietnam War POW/MIA issue.

39Almost Heaven39 Survivalist Community Pines for Its Founder .

Gritz doesnt live here anymore. The former Green Beret colonel returned to southern Nevada this year after a failed marriage and suicide attempt.

Adl Bo Gritz Nizkor

Colonel James Bo Gritz Colonel James Bo Gritz who deplored the deadly Oklahoma bombing but commented that it was a Rembrandt a masterpiece of art and science is highly influential in the antigovernment patriot movement. The former Green Beret and Presidential candidate of the Populist Party a political party founded by Willis Carto

Times former Army Green Berets conduct their own missions .

The green beretwearing experts at Army Special Forces are an enterprising bunch even after they leave the military. In December 2019 . One of these believers was Bo Gritz.

39Bo39 Gritz Found Shot In Idaho CBS News

39Bo39 Gritz Found Shot In Idaho September 21 1998 / 1133 AM / AP James quotBoquot Gritz a former Green Beret colonel and leader of the socalled Patriot Movement was hospitalized with an apparently .


The exGreen Beret commando who helped talk white separatist Randy Weaver into surrendering to federal police at Ruby Ridge in August 1992 told Congress Wednesday he is convinced an FBI sniper team deliberately killed Weaver39s wife Vicki. Retired Lt. Col. James Bo3939 Gritz testified that the head of the sniper team told him We targeted Vicki Weaver because the FBI psychiatrist profiled .

Bo Gritz testifies on Ruby Ridge UPI Archives

WASHINGTON Sept. 20 A controversial exGreen Beret who helped negotiate the end of the 1992 siege in Ruby Ridge Idaho told a Senate panel Wednesday he believes Randy Weaver was wounded and .

PRISONERS OF WAR Forsaken in Laos YouTube

Green Beret Commander Bo Gritz knows Prisoners of War were left behind after Vietnam. They were still alive in the 199039s. More info assaultriflebr.


Two questions popped up repeatedly Tuesday about James quotBoquot Gritz sometimes asked in jest and other times in puzzled amazement. How does a former Green Beret lieutenant colonel the consummate .

Armitage Part I The Early Years amp the Golden Triangle

This threehour videotape was made by retired Army Green Beret Lt. Colonel James quotBoquot Gritz and then smuggled out of Burma. I have seen part of this tape and it is chilling. Armitage39s reaction Mr. Armitage denied any involvement in the drug trade. He called the allegations according to AP quotludicrous and baseless.quot

Attempted kidnap arrest Gritz Bo Nizkor

New York Times October 2 1996 Bo Gritz Accused of Attempted Kidnapping Reported by JONATHAN RABINOVITZ HARTFORD Conn. For years Bo Gritz a former Green Beret commando and a leader of the farright militia movement has warned of government conspiracies to restrict freedoms and called for upright citizens to arm themselves and move to

A Legend in His Own Mind MIA Facts

quotBoquot Gritz A Legend in His Own Mind. Summary. Through all the mythology and fakery that surrounds the MIA issue there are a few individuals who play major roles in originating or maintaining the nonsense. Billy Hendon Senator Bob Smith and retired Army Major Mark Smith are among the chief mythmakers.

Bo Gritz Builds His 39Heaven.39 Newsweek

After his 1992 populist presidential bid James Bo Gritz says he had a vision quotI observed a pouring out of virtuous people from the metropolitan centers into the hinterlands.


James G. quotBoquot Gritz the former Green Beret colonel who negotiated during the FBI sieges of Ruby Ridge and the Freemen compound was arrested Monday on attempted kidnapping charges at a middle school.

U.S. ARMY GREEN BERETS Green Berets Military heroes War .

Bo Gritz Interviewed on POW/MIA Drugs CIA USA Debt. and other topics. Colonel James Bo Gritz the real Rambo commanded detachment quotB36quot U.S. Army Special Forces. With 62 decorations for valor Gritz was the most decorated Gre.


The Green Berets are increasingly moving toward being warriormonk group. Many of them are now programmed multiples. One man who is being looked up to by many American Patriots and Christian Patriots as the leader to help them oppose the New World Order is Bo Gritz. He was a recent presidential candidate. Bo Gritz was a Green Beret and a Delta .

Trojan Horse Lt.Col. James quotBoquot Gritz

Gritz Attempts Suicide Survives. Tuesday September 22 1998. Boise Idaho James quotBoquot Gritz the former Green Beret colonel and leader of the rightwing Patriot Movement was found with a self inflicted gunshot wound along a highway near his home after falling into despair over his pending divorce.

Ruby Ridge 1992 the day the American militia movement was .

Ruby Ridge was resolved in the end not by agents but by civilian negotiators including Bo Gritz a former green beret prolific conspiracy theorist and the Populist partys presidential .

Former Green Beret officer James 39Bo39 Gritz whose Hollywood .

NAKHON PHANOM Thailand Former Green Beret officer James 39Bo39 Gritz whose Hollywood connections helped finance a mission into the Laotian jungle in search of American prisoners of war .

4 Times Former Green Berets Took on Extracurricular Work .

The government called in former Special Forces officer Col. Bo Gritz to negotiate Weaver39s surrender to authorities. Gritz entered the Weaver compound at around 7 p.m. on Friday Aug. 28 1992.

The Vietnam myth that gave us all those Rambo movies

The Colonel was my very own Bo Gritz Id make my dad give me crew cuts so I could wear my hair like his and until at least second grade I had the deluded ambition that maybe someday Id be Special Forces or a Green Beret. Military merchandise covered the walls of the Colonels home including POW/MIArelated flags and trinkets.

Bo Gritz Southern Poverty Law Center

James quotBoquot Gritz39s 1991 autobiography Called to Serve is dedicated to his thenwife Claudia and to his quotmistressquot the Special Forces. And indeed even after leaving Vietnam the highly decorated officer and former Green Beret couldn39t seem to give up his passion for covert operations conducting his own commandostyle missions into Southeast .

Ruby Ridge Part Three Fear amp Faith American Experience .

His name was Bo Gritz. Bo Gritz Friday August 28 1992 Bo Gritz a highlydecorated retired lieutenant colonel was sympathetic to the Weaver family and went to Ruby Ridge to assist in negotiations.

Bo Gritz Is Not the Issue The Washington Post

James Bo Gritz a highly decorated former Green Beret colonel already has. His recent much publicized forays into Laos in search of the missing landed him last week in the witness chair .

Bo Gritz The Glory amp The Washington Post

An exGreen Beret officer who scorns quotfaint heartsquot in the Pentagon and quotpotbelliedquot bureaucrats James Gordon Bo Gritz rhymes with quotsightsquot is the new point man for Right Wing Romance.

National News Briefs Former Green Beret Found Shot in Chest .

James Bo Gritz the former Green Beret colonel and leader of the rightwing Patriot Movement was found with a selfinflicted gunshot wound along a highway near his home after falling into .

Patriot Leader Bo Gritz Shoots Himself Under Troubling .

39Patriot39 leader and former Green Beret Bo Gritz seems to have many faces. The man who has trained thousands of antigovernment zealots falls apart at the prospect of his wife leaving him. KAMIAH Idaho Late on a Sunday afternoon in September James quotBoquot Gritz was found on a gravel driveway near here lying next to his GMC pickup truck with a .


James quotBoquot Gritz a former Green Beret colonel and rightwing leader of the socalled Patriot Movement was hospitalized in Idaho with a gunshot wound. No one but Gritz was believed to be involved .

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