isis has us military equipment

How ISIS Got Weapons From the U.S. and Used Them to Take Iraq .

A year after a U.S.led coalition began bombing ISIS in Iraq and Syria in 2014 Russia joined the fray by staging a direct military intervention on behalf of Assad allowing the Syrian military .

US arms sold to Saudi Arabia and UAE end up in wrong hands

Since then some of America39s quotbeautiful military equipmentquot as US President Donald Trump once called it has been passed on sold stolen or abandoned in Yemen39s state of chaos where murky .

Here are all of ISIS39 weapons Business Insider

That39s why ISIS has so much weaponry that originated in the US the US gave loads of military hardware to the Iraqi army and ISIS took lots of it from them during a series of military victories.

ISIS in Afghanistan claims it has . Military Times

American special operations troops are operating in Nangarhar province which borders Pakistan. The region has become a stronghold for the estimated 1000 to 1500 ISIS militants in Afghanistan.

US military investigating Iraqi Shia militia39s claim it .

The US military said Tuesday it was investigating a claim by a newly formed Iraqi Shia militant group of a bombing at the IraqKuwait border. Iraq and Kuwait denied an attack had taken place. Iraq .

U.S. military fears pandemic could lead to ISIS resurgence in .

Defense. U.S. military fears pandemic could lead to ISIS resurgence in Syria. More than 10000 ISIS prisoners held in crowded makeshift facilities across the region are at significant risk if the .

The US Lost Track of a Billion Dollars Worth of Weapons in .

In June 2014 Iraqi forces dropped their weapons shed their uniforms and abandoned their posts as ISIS militants stormed into and captured Mosul.More than a year later the United States began .

Iraq Alarm as Mosul US Equipment Seized by ISIS Middle .

Even more alarmingly other images show USmade humvees and other armored vehicles and equipment seized by ISIS with evidence emerging that at least some of it has already been sent to Syria .

ISIS claims it has confiscated US military equipment in .

ISIS claims it has confiscated US military equipment in Afghanistan By KHAAMA PRESS Sun Aug 07 2016 940 am 0 Comments 2 views Email Print.

U.S. Shoots Itself In the Foot By Accidentally Arming ISIS .

ISIS added to its armada of captured U.S. military vehicles and tanks when Iraqi Security Forces fled the provincial capital of Ramadi late last month and left behind their equipment according to .

ISIS Has 1B Worth Of US Humvee Armored Vehicles One Was .

High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles parked at the U.S. military39s Camp Liberty in Baghdad in 2011. Thousands of Humvees were commandeered by ISIS militants when they overran Mosul last .

ISIS Seized 1 Billion of U.S. Military Aid Iraqi Leader Admits

For us the infidels are those who cooperate with the West to fight Islam. However the supposed blunder of losing U.S. military equipment to ISIS a regular occurrence barely .

Isis apparently takes control of US weapons airdrop intended .

The USled coalition has mounted more than 130 air strikes round the town in an effort to stop Isis taking complete control. While the US has carried out air strikes in Kobani cloud cover last .

ISIS seized 2500 armored military vehicles confirms Pentagon . The United States confirmed that it had destroyed a number of tanks mostly American made that were seized by the organization of the socalled Islamic State in Iraq ISIS .

The US bombing its own guns perfectly sums up Americas total .

All with shiny American military equipment. So the US air strikes against ISIS are in part to destroy US military equipment such as the artillery ISIS has been using against Kurdish forces.

What Trump Gets Rightand WrongAbout Defeating ISIS .

ISIS has directed its savagery in part at socalled near enemies such as rival Sunni Islamist fighters Iraqi Shiite militias and their Hezbollah military allies and Americantrained Kurdish .

U.S. quotMilitary Aidquot to Al Qaeda ISISDaesh Global .

Over the past year the United States has been working with Turkey to give this group intelligence support and other forms of military assistance. This group has joined forces with alQaedas offshoot group in Syria. Tulsi Gabbard US House of Rep Michel Chossudovsky May 23 2017 June 24 2019

ISIS claims to have captured trove of U.S. military gear .

ISIS fighters in Afghanistan claimed to have recently seized a trove of sensitive U.S. military equipment including communications gear a rocket launcher and the ID card of a U.S. soldier .

U.S. Equipment but Not Troops Begins Exiting Syria in .

U.S. officials and allies dispute the claim that ISIS has been defeated. . WASHINGTON The American military has started withdrawing some equipment but not yet troops from Syria as part of .

ISIS jihadists upload photographs of American Military kit .

A Canadian jihadist fighting for ISIS in Syria has uploaded photographs of U.S. military kit the brutal Islamist group has seized from fleeing government soldiers in Iraq.

ISIS Military Equipment Breakdown Business Insider

ISIS39s continued success is at least partially due to its seizure of military equipment from fleeing Iraqi soldiers. When ISIS overran Mosul they captured weaponry that allowed them a .

ISIS claims it has confiscated US military equipment in .

ISIS claims it has confiscated US military equipment in Afghanistan By Khaama Press / in Afghanistan / on Sunday 07 Aug 2016 0940 AM / 0 Comment / 547 views The loyalists of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria ISIS terrorist group have claimed they have confiscated several military equipment belonging to a US soldier.

Weapons of ISIS Military Factory

While ISIS lacked any sort of traditional air power it laid claim to stocks Iraqiowned Soviet Chinese and Americanoriginated equipment. The result was a ragtag group of fighters with an equally ragtag collection of weapons offering tactical flexibility against better organized foes.

COVID19 Has Hit Syria39s Biggest ISIS Prison Camp US General .

The COVID19 pandemic has reached into the sprawling and overcrowded Al Hol prison camp in northeastern Syria further complicating the continuing U.S. campaign to eliminate the Islamic State the .

US military did not properly store or account for nearly 715 .

Some of that equipment has wound up in ISIS and alQaida hands due to battlefield losses by partner forces and as a result of Islamic State fighters plundering the armories of U.S.backed groups .

Five ISIS Weapons of War America Should Fear The National .

The United States has its fair to say utterly failed at this project so far. Artillery Light insurgent forces often fall short in terms of artillery but ISIS has managed to acquire a .

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