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This is the story behind the viral photo of Brown Berets .

The Brown Beret activists say they were happy to lend a hand. Advertisement When people see this picture I hope they recognize that we need more of this unity between the black and brown struggle said Cindy 23 one of the women pictured in the photo.

Brown Berets

The students printed the leftist newspaper La Causa ran a free medical clinic and hosted free breakfast programs. Although Brown Berets had an important role in organizing the walk outs in East L.A.the largest and lengthiest in the history of California in which thousands of students left their classrooms to join the protest for .

Brown Berets C h i c a n o Means Power

Brown Berets were similar to The Chicano Revolutionary Party by patrolling at nights and protecting the people of the neighborhood and they has a free breakfast program as well. Brown Berets were allies of the Black Panthers working closely they built up the community of the brown and black peoples.

Brown Beret Headquarters Los Angeles Conservancy

The Brown Beret Headquarters occupied ground floor storefront space for an indefinite period of time after 1968 as the organization faced continuous threats from law enforcement. The Brown Berets are a Chicanx community organization that advocated for equal opportunity for individuals of Mexican descent in East Los Angeles.

East L.A. 1968 Walkout The day high school students .

Members of the Brown Berets listen to a speaker during the East L.A. walkouts on June 9 1968. HeraldExaminer Collection / Los Angeles Public Library Members of the Brown Berets above listen to .

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The Brown Berets were successful with being able to help the community by setting up free clinics and breakfast programs for their community.To protest against the public schools in the community in 1968 the Brown Berets planned the East L.A. Walkouts where thousands of L.A students protested education standards.

Brown Berets Oakland LocalWiki

The Oakland chapter of the Brown Berets also worked very closely with a Chicano Theater Group called Teatro Triste which was a theater group that did Chicano political theater. Teatro Triste and the Brown Berets had a free breakfast program for Chicano youth based out Fruitvale Congregational Church on Fruitvale ave and E16th st.

Brown Berets Free Online Encyclopedia

Brown Berets. The Brown Berets were a militant Chicano Mexican American civil rights group modeled in part on the African American Black Panther Party.Like the Black Panthers the Brown Berets arose out of a desire to fight discrimination and especially to defend the Mexican American community from police brutality.

Fists of resistance turn into helping hands for San Antonians .

The Autonomous Brown Berets De San Anto demonstrated both Sunday evening outside Harlandale Community Center where the grassroots group handed out free boxes of food to dozens of people in need.

The Brown Berets Sutori

They also participated in organizing the first free medical clinics and free breakfast programs. Women held an important role in the writing and distribution of quotLa Causaquot but even though this was so the Brown Berets as the rest of the Chicano Movement did not fully take women into strong leadership positions.

Santa Cruz Indymedia Watsonville Brown Berets Continue .

Three Chicano activists were killed including journalist Ruben Salazar. In 1968 the Brown Berets helped organize the East Los Angeles High School Blowouts the largest and lengthiest high school walkouts in California history. In addition this organization started free clinics breakfast programs and a community newspaper called La Causa.

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